Saturday, February 18, 2012

Graceful Dismissal

This post continues my theme of drawing wisdom from Ursula Le Guin’s Orsinian Tales.  You can check out some of my previous posts for a more detailed summary of the book and the story I’m presently drawing from, Conversations at Night.  Suffice to say it’s a story of unlikely love forming despite all sorts of adversity. 

They are in a poor part of a poor country.  They are economically and politically oppressed.  They feel trapped within their society.  The people around them do not have ample opportunities to make it in life and they have less. He is blind so he cannot fulfill his duty as a man to support a woman. Their families encourage them both to find other people.

The part of the story I’d like to reflect on occurs after an evening walking together and some tense moments they are parting ways:

When they reached their building he put out his hand to the entranceway, touching the bricks; with that as reassurance he turned to her and said, “Don’t come again.”

“Good night, Sanzo,” she said.

“It’s no good, see,” he said, and at once started up the stairs. She went on to her entrance. 

“It’s no good… “ He says so much with those desperate words.

“There is too much opposing us. We can’t make it. Let’s just do what everyone else wants. Our love can’t persist through these trials. This is impossible. Our attempts at love are futile. I’m not worth your love. Can’t you see I’m blind!?!”

What struck me when I read this was how often I say this or something like it to  God.
It’s no good…

You keep forgiving me and I keep sinning.  I ignore your love daily.  The temptations of the world are unrelenting.  I haven’t grown spiritually in as long as I can remember.  I still struggle with the same old stuff.  Why don’t you spend time with others who are stronger and better than I am?  I’m not worth your love.  Can’t you see I’m a mess!?!?!

If you’ve read the story (or my previous posts), you know that Lisha has the grace to ignore Sanzo’s plea.

If you’ve met Jesus, you know he has the grace to ignore my pleas… ....and yours. 

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