Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talk to Me, or not

Sometimes our son is a little bossy.  Now that he's figuring out communication he'll sometimes command me or his mama to talk to him or each other.

Today he started playing a game on the iPad and said, 
"Papa, talk to me while I play iPad"

I said, 
"Ok, son. Are you sure you can pay attention while you're playing your game?"

He assured me that he could so I began to engage him in conversation.  

"So, Isaiah, did you have fun at school today?  Did you learn things? Did you learn any words?"

He paused his game.
Looked up at me.

And said, 
"Papa, talk to mama."

Parenting is Fun 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


My friend Michael Matti is in Seattle for spring break.  He sent me and some other folks an amazing picture of a waterfall he saw while hiking.

I looked at the picture and loudly lamented,
"ahhhh! I miss the Pacific Northwest, and the Pacific Southwest,
and the Pacific in general. 
...really just the West."

Isaiah looked over at me and said,
"Papa, why are you crying?

I said, 
"You're from Indiana, son.  You wouldn't understand"

Parenting is Fun 

Airport Boy

Candice Begg had told Isaiah we were taking Jeannie Banter to the airport (he loves airplanes). He got really excited and said he wanted to go on the airplane with her. Flabbergasted, Candice repeatedly asked him if he really wanted to "leave mama and papa and go with Jeannie"He was adamant.

Yes, he would leave us for a trip on an airplane.When Candice told him that he couldn't go on a plane without us and we couldn't take a trip because we didn't have money for it, he dutifully went into his room and worked the plug out of his piggy bank.

He came out of his room proudly clutching the "money" to solve the problem:

36 cents

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