Saturday, June 20, 2015

Repost: There is Glory

Every other week my blog will feature a reposted work. I had been a contributor on two different sites that have since closed or no longer include blogs. I will be reposting pieces that had originally been featured on one of these two sites.  

This was originally posted July 31, 2011

Aslan would say this is someone else’s story, but I think he’d forgive me for telling it.

The family I mentioned a few posts ago who recently met their son, Oscar, continues to stick in my mind. 

I looked through pictures of their baby shower on my friend's blog. 
I resonated with the poetic testimony of truth spoken over the parents on that day, the truth that this is a family of seven not three.  
Oscar has four siblings in heaven and the Heavenly Father has redeemed the pain of the family by giving them Oscar to hold in their arms.  
My voice caught in my throat as I relayed their story to my wife.

I deeply empathized with the father while watching a video.  The video is short and just shows Oscar in his car seat and his father leaning in close.  
Mommy is filming and you hear her say, 
“and who is this?” 
Oscar’s daddy says, 
“This is my son, Oscar Wyatt.”  
Tears were in my eyes when I saw this.  
I watched it twice. 

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Candice and I have a similar story.  I have been in that place.  
I have been childless, and I have felt that pain redeemed in holding my son close. 
I have declared a child to be my son and named him.  
Candice and I have empathized with the suffering of this family and now we rejoice with them in their glory. 
We rejoice with the parents of Oscar Wyatt.
The glory of parenthood of the childless. 
The glory of an orphan with his parents. 
The glory of a father naming his son, rejoicing over his son.

These glimpses are always around us.
From time to time, the Father, in his grace, opens our eyes to these momentary flashes of glory.

[Rich Mullins singing “there is such a thing as glory"]

“What must be the quality of that Being whose far off and momentary coruscations are like this...?”
-  CS Lewis

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